January 2002, or Thereabouts

Here begins a New Year. Previous resolutions remain untarnished. I start the cycle again with renewed ambition and hope. A paper newsletter still works in this time of high tech.

I present myself as the "Computer Wizard." I am the technical person with social skills who brings productivity improvement to your office networks, software and hardware.

I benefit the business community by advising, training, installing, removing viruses, fixing, coaching, and making client backups!


Windows XP is here! Be aware that there is a "professional version" and a stripped down "home version." If you buy your office PCs in the discount stores or by mail, know that the stripped down home version does not promise to do well on networks with servers or high powered applications. XP is more hospitable to viruses and hackers. You can go online to and download the fixes as they become available.

Me, I still like Windows2000 or Windows98 for smaller machines. Millennium is to be avoided. For those more interested in running their businesses than being Rocket Scientists, it is better to wait for someone else to experiment with the new releases.


I see more viruses in my email. Attachments, especially, are a big risk. Do not open anything that has a suffix other than .doc, .wpd, .xls, or .txt. There are viruses that get into your Microsoft OUTLOOK and email themselves to all your clients and friends. America Online is safer.

Keep your anti-virus software current. Consider an email account at This service provides free scanning. Forward suspicious mail to that address and scan it before opening it.

Have a recovery plan. Make sure you know where all your valuable data files are located. One technique is to put them in folders inside "My Documents" so you can backup everything at once. You do make backups, donít you?


Know your techie. Just as with doctors and attorneys, pick someone will take good care of you. Thatís better than a committee of unrelated strangers, all pointing fingers at each other and sending you bills.

Be aware that service contracts from places like DELL or Gateway most likely guarantee they will restore your PC to the way it was when you bought it. Kiss your data goodbye.

Keep legal copies of all your software and updates. It will help later.


Itís a New Year! Learn something new. I see people taking wordprocessor or spreadsheet classes and neglecting their basic Windows skills. Make a list of all the questions you have and then decide what a couple hours of coaching are worth.


People expect more on the Internet. That first page about what you do is so important. It lets prospects know who, what, when, and where you are. Later, you can add the bells and whistles.

The web works well for casual inquirers. A prospect may be more comfortable checking out your page than picking up the phone and calling.

Events happen fast. A paper mailing takes time, and many people will no longer open attachments. Post your notice on a webpage and then email everyone that address.

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