October 2001, or Thereabouts

Recent events have brought many changes to us. Services continue to be needed. Meanwhile, the Internet, email, and cell phones increase their influence upon our lives. I still write an intermittent paper newsletter because paper still works.

I present myself as the "Computer Wizard." I am the technical person with social skills who brings productivity improvement to your office networks, software and hardware.

I benefit the business community by advising, training, installing, removing viruses, fixing, upgrading, coaching, and making client backups!


Whatís new on the Web? Aircraft carriers now have websites. It is a way to market, communicate with families and the civilian world, and do a little public relations. What with the turn in current events, there may be more interest in the military, although these folks may not always confide in us about what they are doing.

Once upon a time, Tom Clancy drew glamorous attention to very secretive submarine service. There is a lot more room on a surface ship for antennas. Plus, email is easier that paper mail to deliver and control. Everyone is moving to the web.

Viruses are a continuing problem. It is now not enough to just know the sender; each person who goes online should understand "safe computing." Address books get stolen. Before downloading an attachment, look at its name. If it is .exe, .com, or .vbs, do not open it. Even .doc files can carry viruses.

Online anti-virus vendors update their files weekly and sometimes provide free "Fix Tools" for a new virus. Free email accounts with provide free virus scanning.


Whatever happened to e-commerce? The web is the place to go for hard-to-find items. Need a replacement garage door opener, visit Are you tired of salespeople who know nothing about their products? Online vendors post more useful material. Other companies flank their telephone people with computer screens that carry far more information than the typical show room salesperson.


Here comes XP. Both WINDOWS and OFFICE XP are now available. You get even more bells and whistles. If you put these programs on your older machines, expect them to slow down. Also expect to purchase licenses for each copy you install. (Thatís fair to Bill, isnít it?) Donít be surprised if you encounter any glitches when using advanced features between old and new versions.

As programs get larger and people need to share more resources, Windows2000 Servers will work their way into small offices. Older systems will just no longer run everything.

And when you throw your old PCs away, remember to format the hard drives. Just dropping them out your third story window into a waiting dumpster below is not enough to protect your confidential data.

And save the software licenses that came with the old PCs, especially if you bought upgrade versions of software for other machines you are keeping.

Perhaps there is a charity out there that can still use old PCs for parts. Be sure to ask and maybe a tax write-off awaits you

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