June 2001, or Thereabouts

I still write an intermittent paper newsletter. Paper still works. The post office sends me address corrections, and nobody gets a virus.

I present myself as the "Computer Wizard." I am the technical person with social skills who brings productivity improvement to your office networks, software and hardware.

I benefit the business community by advising, training, installing, removing viruses, fixing, coaching, and making client backups!


Technology speeds up the chaos. Who has time to do anything? Who is caught up everywhere they want to be? Last year, BlockBuster earned 16 million dollars in late fees.

Make time to learn something new about your office tools: read a help screen, rent a training video, try an online class, bribe a teenager or, for a couple hours, hire a coach.


DSL, or high speed internet access: at first, people complain about the cost. Then, they wonder how they ever lived without it. If more PCs in your office are needing Internet access, and you do not want to keep adding phone lines, look into sharing your DSL over your office network.

So you donít have a network yet? Do a little planning before you add one just to get rid of your extra phone lines.

Networks enable sharing of printers, data, and viruses. Will your DSL service turn every PC in your office into a public website? What about all those hackers and other nasty people out there? Do a little thinking before you run out and buy a network and high-speed Internet access.


Read that error message! Whether its the red "X", the yellow "!", or the "blue screen of death," read and write down the accompanying message. The words are apt to be more useful than the numbers, but at least you can report something intelligent to your visiting techie or help desk.

What was happening right before you got that error? Were you running any other programs and how many? Can you reproduce the error?

This extra effort saves time when you ask someone else about your problem. Time is money, and money is time.


On the Internet: Many DotComís have gone belly up, but KipBarkley.Com is doing fine. More people are getting connected, more people are expecting to find resources there, and more people are actually spending money there.


Old equipment does not do well with new programs. Windows98 is more demanding of hardware than Windows95. Windows Millennium is extended only for home use and it is even more demanding. Windows2000 is really demanding. OFFICE2000 is more demanding than OFFICE97. America Online 6.0 is more demanding than 5.0. Get the picture?

If you like keeping your old hardware, then plan on keeping your old software. If you donít need the new features, stay put and learn more about using what you already have.

When you are finally forced to make a change, replace everything at once.

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