More of the Story

George Barkley arrived in central Virginia from Charleston, South Carolina, in the 1920's following his brother Matthew to Woodberry Forest School. He also had family connections at Cloverfields Farm in Albermarle County.

He briefly attended the University of Virginia and then settled at Horseshoe Hill Farm on Route 250 as a gentleman farmer with bride Dorothy. World War II saw them moving into town to Stonefield Lane. Mr. Barkley's army enlistment was cut short by the arrival of his first son and an honorable discharge.

After trying other careers, he settled in as a realtor in Charlottesville dealing in country properties. Mr. Barkley maintained an office at Court House Square and later on Rose Hill Drive. His love of the outdoors drew him to both the Keswick and Farmington Hunt Clubs. He boasts that he was their only joint Master of the Hounds.
In the 1960's, he was a founder of the Buck Mountain Riding Club with many other area mounted notables. For years Mr. Barkley would take pictures of the "Horse Community."

Many of his photographs have now been donated to the University of Virginia archives.

George H. Barkley