Kip Barkley - A Family Friendly Enterprise

We at BARKLEY ENTERPRISES, INC., wish to be known as a Family Friendly Corporation.

Our Policy

  • Work Hours - Work Hours shall be aligned when possible to mesh with a family life style.
  • Ethics - Each employee shall feel comfortable explaining her or his job to children and grandparents.
  • Energy - Work shall include an uplifting facet so that employees will have some energy left for home.
  • Personal Growth - The Corporation shall encourage learning and an increase of job skills.
  • Health - The Corporation shall provide links for both physical and mental health. Such health is primarily the responsibility of employees.
  • Fun on the Job - Creativity is play and creativity on the job results in efficiency and productivity.
  • Role Models - The Corporation shall provide positive examples by which employees can live.

Adopted March 26, 1996, by the Board of Directors

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